LPT: Parents, if your kid’s in college, stop being a bridge between them and the institution.


So I just came back to college (school year starts in February here) and I’m seeing a lot of parents either trying to take their children literally to the doorstep of the class or still trying to solve every bureaucratic problem they have.

Once kids enter college, they need to start taking taking care of themselves. If you don’t let them find their own way in the world, they’ll always be dependant on you.

**Edit**: I’m not talking about suddenly cutting ties with your child or refusing to help when it’s necessary. I’m talking about being overprotective, even to the point of having an adult child that can’t function by themselves.

Also, you can be attached and love your offspring as much as you want, but it’s mature to know that it’s not for them to be 100% dependant on you (I’m also not talking about special cases and needs).


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