Die hard Republican here. Voting for Bernie. Somethings gotta give.


Im a die hard conservative republican. Always have been. God and guns all the way, its just how I was raised. But my vote will go to Bernie Sanders. Why? Because Im tired of the “Thats just how its always been” complacent defeatist attitude that has plagued our country for years. I love my beautiful country, but our government has become ugly, and our president, dangerous. I have a Union job operating heavy equipment that is used to build and restore powerlines. It pays very well and the insurance is amazing but I still struggle sometimes. Its hard for me to understand how someone less fortunate than myself could survive… The truth is many cant. That bothers me. One of my favorite writers Dr. Hunter S Thompson once said that a good and decent man could never become the president of the United States. I refuse to let my son grow up thinking the same. I liken the Republicans that still support him to moths banging their heads on a lampshade. Its up to us to turn out the light. GO GET EM BERNIE!! Just please, dont try to take my guns away. Lol.
EDIT: I’m being heavily attacked for this. Thanks for any support, I cant block fast enough, this is crazy shit.


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